From our expertise in the field of gas and gas infrastructure, the role that the existing gas pipeline networks can play in the deployment of hydrogen is evident. There is clear potential for hydrogen as an energy source for both the built environment and in the transport sector.   

We have been/are involved in multiple hydrogen-related projects in the UK and Europe: 

• Collaboration with a major gas network operator on a feasibility study to change the gas supply for domestic and commercial users in a UK city from natural gas to hydrogen. See NGN's H21 Leeds City Gate report and NGN's video on the project. See the Climate Change Committee's report including the possible role of hydrogen in the UK's energy strategy, and this Northern Powerhouse report. 

• Investigation into the commercialisation of first generation domestic hydrogen appliances 

• Collaboration with another gas network provider on Europe’s largest scale investigation of real performance of over one thousand installations with G20, G21 and G23 test gases. 

• Technical Lead as part of a £25m consortium to examine the potential use of hydrogen in the UK’s energy space

Kiwa's Hydrogen expertise is an overview of Kiwa's Hydrogen services , and for more information specific projects, please see our Case Studies.