About us

Kiwa’s services for the global automotive and aviation sectors cover a wide range. You can count on us to test and certify products and vehicle parts to ensure that you comply with local, brand and international rules and standards. Think of fuel, fuel systems and engines, air conditioning systems, plastics, rubbers and metals.

We carry out climate and corrosion tests, thermal and electromagnetic compatibility tests, safety checks and risk assessments. We also look for causes of malfunctions by analyzing errors. We inspect fleets before and after delivery. In addition, we offer tools for certifying and benchmarking (management) systems for car dealers and suppliers of parts for aviation. We also assess and train the personal skills and performance of your employees. Your journey is safe with Kiwa.

Kiwa SCM

Kiwa SCM is a leading certification body in the field of vehicle security. Our most important activities are monitoring the quality of Kiwa SCM approved security systems and monitoring the quality of the installation work carried out by Kiwa SCM recognized installation companies CCV vehicle protection.

Automotive and hydrogen

Hydrogen can make an important contribution to the replacement of fossil fuels and thus to the reduction of CO₂ emissions. Kiwa is a pioneer when it comes to hydrogen innovations, also in the automotive sector. We test and certify components for hydrogen cars and offer an extensive portfolio of services in the field of hydrogen production, transport and distribution.