Advice and research

The quality of the road network is an indication of the prosperity of the country. Roads are indispensable for economic and social relations. The road user has to be sure of an unhindered and comfortable road which is safe to use. The road structure must enable timely and damage-free transport of goods. Because roads are often situated in extensively inhabited areas the nuisance caused by the road must be kept to a minimum.

An important task of the road network manager is maintaining the quality of the road network. For an effective timing and choice of measures, he must find the right balance between required performance, costs and the environmental effects.

The road network manager must also have insight into the rate of deterioration of the infrastructure for taking the correct measures for maintenance and reconstruction at the right time. Kiwa KOAC has been supporting road network managers in these activities for more than 50 years.

Kiwa KOAC employs the largest group of road construction consultants, monitoring technicians, inspectors and laboratory staff on a national basis. This, along with the knowledge and experience amassed over the years, allows us to answer virtually all road infrastructure questions.