Quality support

The quality can only be optimally guaranteed, when the complete process is supervised by means of advice, sampling, monitoring, process control and compliance testing. This starts with the formulation or assessment of specifications, with which the product and the process must comply, and ends with the final control. You can deploy us throughout the building chain. Supervision in one or more 'tailor-made' chain phases is also a possibility. Kiwa KOAC involvement can be limited to the preparatory phase for example, or to the contract or execution phase. Our quality supervision extends as far as you want it to.

Testing is generally required within the scope of quality assurance of construction of roads and industrial pavements such as container terminals. In the classical contract situation, the contractor carries out a production control during construction and the client carries out a final delivery control upon completion of the work.

With the arrival of the new contract forms (DC, PPS, DBFM), the responsibility for quality has been shifted to the contractor, who must guarantee this with warranties. Kiwa KOAC can verify the production control and compliance testing under the authority of the client, as an independent third party. However, we can also support contractors with risk analyses and mapping of the critical failure factors. The correct choice of management measures can keep failure costs to a minimum. We can also assist you in unequivocal communication to the client.