Road testing

Kiwa KOAC has a number of testing systems, to test virtually all characteristics that may apply to the design, construction and management of roads, industrial sites and dike revetments. The tests focus on capturing of pavement surface data, recording of the structural condition, loads exerted on the construction and environmental aspects. Most testing systems have been accredited by the Dutch Acceditation Council under number L103 in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025. Thanks to periodical proficiency testing, we constantly guarantee the quality of the tests.

Kiwa KOACs own innovations allow us to continually adapt our testing equipment to the ever changing requirements and needs. We have developed testing techniques which no longer hinder traffic, for example, as they can be conducted during traffic flow. A further core target is our speedy delivery times. Our specialists can help you interpret the testing results, and can also explain the numerical values deployed for the various characteristics. We believe it essential to distinguish between the construction phase, the user phase and the moment of the end of contract.

Kiwa KOAC offers you the opportunity for filling out a request for road testing online via our website, seven days per week and 24 hours per day. This service accelerates the process of providing quotations.