Roofs and Facades

Kiwa can offer you all kinds of tests, inspections and certification of construction products for roofs and facades, for example:

  • Masonry and related products, masonry units, mortars and ancillaries,
  • Thermal insulation products, composite insulating kits or systems,
  • Curtain walling, cladding, structural sealant glazing,
  • Roof coverings, roof lights, roof windows and ancillary products, roof kits,
  • Flat glass, profiled glass and glass block products,
  • Wood based panels and elements,
  • Doors, windows, shutters, gates and related building hardware,
  • Chimneys, flues and specific products,
  • Building kits, units and prefabricated elements,
  • and many more.

Voluntary CE

For construction products for which a harmonized European standard is not available there is the possibility of applying a voluntary CE. For the voluntary route, the first draft of a European Technical Assessment (ETA) and/or European Assessment Document (EAD) is needed.

European Technical Assessment (ETA)

And if your product does not fit within the scope of the harmonized European standards, we offer you to create your own European Assessment Document (EAD) with a European Technical Assessment (ETA) with Kiwa as Technical Assessment Body (TAB).

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