• Technical training

    Kiwa Training provides specialist training as a supplement to the technical installation courses of regular vocational education, such as trainings for professionals within SCIOS-certified companies that deal with the periodic maintenance and safety inspection of large combustion installations.

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    Technical development by engineer
  • Energy transition training

    The way we generate and distribute energy is changing. Kiwa therefore has an extensive training program around the energy transition and sustainable energy systems.

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    Wind turbines
  • Quality management training

    Kiwa is a world-leading certification body, particularly when it comes to certification of quality management systems according to ISO 9001 and safety management systems such as the VCA.

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    Quality check
  • Healthcare training

    Kiwa has years of experience as a certifying body in the healthcare sector. Our auditors help the most diverse healthcare institutions and related organizations to continuously optimize their processes and thus guarantee and improve the quality of their services.

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    Child in hospital
  • Safety training

    Either it is mandatory by law and regulations or own policy, many organizations or companies set certain safety requirements for employees. Below you can find out what Kiwa can offer you or your employees in the field of safety training.

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    Safety in the workplace
  • Road construction training

    Kiwa division KOAC is a leading consultancy and research specialist in the field of roads, road construction materials and road construction solutions. Kiwa KOAC shares this knowledge through Kiwa Training.

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    Road infrastructure in the Netherlands