Kiwa Solar Solutions

Kiwa offers a client-focused service, delivering testing and certification solutions of photovoltaic and solar thermal technology, when you need it and at competitive prices. We appreciate that the demands of the European and Asian markets for manufacturers and suppliers are intense and very competitive.

Kiwa offers you a suite of services designed to meet the needs of your business in this area:

  • Solar PV and CPV testing and certification
  • Specialized testing of BIPV modules
  • Testing and Certification of Solar thermal systems and collectors according to the Solar Keymark Scheme Rules
  • Testing and certification of inverters and grid connections
  • Testing of Mounting Structures
  • Quality Control of solar PV plants and installations
  • U.K. PV certification according to the MCS scheme rules
  • Testing and certification for North America (UL1703)
  • Pre and post shipment inspections
  • Due diligences
  • In-line Inspections
  • Instrumentation for quality control at the production stage
  • PV monitoring system calibration directly on field
  • Testing and certification of PV components (J-boxes, cables, connectors, backsheets)
  • PV Custom Tests: (ammonia corrosion, salt mist, sand storm, PID, LID, PAN Files). 

Global Product Compliance for Solar PV testing and certification

Notified Body PV, Solar Keymark and Inverters
IECEE Certification Body & Test Laboratory
ISO 17065 / ISO 17021 / ISO 17025

Notified Body for MCS certification

Product & Quality System Certification

Solar PV panels, BiPV, Mounting Systems, Inverters, Solar Thermal Products
Full scope accredited laboratory in The Netherlands
Type Approval Management
Kiwa Solar offers direct access to global markets (including Grid Connection Standards) by using partners (IECEE/IECRE CB’s or other authorities) including:

Europe and MENA region
North America (USA, Canada)
Russia, Belarus, Kazachstan
Asia (China, Korea, Japan)
Australia (Australia and New Zealand)
South America (Brazil)

Insurance companies

South Africa