North America D.O.T. Approval on Pressurized Cylinders

Kiwa offers the ultimate testing and certification services regarding alternative fuel and pressure products and components. Testing with real gases like H2, CNG, LNG, LPG, etc. Many different applications and geographical markets within the Automotive sector, as well as medical devices, industrial, transport, hazardous locations or gas appliances. Kiwa is fully notified and accredited to test and certify your products for a global market. As well as testing for certification purposes, Kiwa offers their extended and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities of a wide range of on-demand testing (R&D supportive tests, feasibility tests, benchmarking, etc). Tests can be done for complete systems, products and materials.

Global Product Compliance: North American D.O.T. Approval on pressurized Cylinders

Recognized by Approval Agency A.T.I.
Technical service for KBA (E1) and RDW (E4); 

Notified by KGS Korea

International Testing and Certification schemes (UN ECE series HGV, NGV Series, ISO series, GTR no. 13

Accredited according ISO 17065 / ISO 17021 / ISO 17025
Product & Quality System Certification
According to ISO & TS certification schemes;
Requested certification on ISO 15500;
NGV- & HGV series.
Full scope accredited laboratory in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
Type Approval Management
Kiwa offers direct access to global markets by being notified by international Authorities and Certification Organizations Multiple international standards and certification schemes are listed at the accreditation scope of Kiwa.