Plant inspections

The actual inspection / assessment will consist of the following items:

  • Comparison of detailed design with 'as built' situation and verification of the 'as built' result of the total plant.
  • Visual inspection of the PV generator, dc- and ac- cabling, inverters and grid connection (including parts and components).
  • Sample measurements of PV generator and strings.
  • Photograph documentation of possible deviations from plan.
  • Assessment report per plant. 

Effort per PV plant is estimated on an overall working period of 5 to 7 working days.

Global Product Compliance for Plant inspections

Notified Body PV, Solar Keymark and Inverters
IECEE Certification Body & Test Laboratory
ISO 17065 / ISO 17021 / ISO 17025

Notified Body for MCS certification

Product & Quality System Certification

Solar PV panels, BiPV, Mounting Systems, Inverters, Solar Thermal Products
Full scope accredited laboratory in The Netherlands
Type Approval Management
Kiwa Solar offers direct access to global markets (including Grid Connection Standards) by using partners (IECEE/IECRE CB’s or other authorities) including:

Europe and MENA region
North America (USA, Canada)
Russia, Belarus, Kazachstan
Asia (China, Korea, Japan)
Australia (Australia and New Zealand)
South America (Brazil)

Insurance companies

South Africa