Calibration services

Well-functioning measuring equipment is an absolute necessity to ensure the quality of your operational management. For instance, disruption of the primary production process can therefore be kept to the bare minimum if the measuring devices continuously comply with the official standard.

Kiwa is entitled to verify and calibrate your measuring equipment. These additional services ensure to an even greater extent that you will go through the certification process rapidly and with great accuracy.

Kiwa calibrates your measuring apparatus quickly and reliably. Our standards are derived from the national standards. In case that the apparatus does not comply with the specifications, Kiwa can adjust your apparatus. Kiwa can calibrate the following apparatus:

  • Flow meters;
  • Gas meters (CO, NO2 etc.);
  • Pressure meters;
  • Temperature meters;
  • Water meters.

We can also take care of complex installations, which are composed of one or more of the above named components. We will be happy to provide you with any more information you might need, so please contact us!