Efficiency Testing

Kiwa is able to perform all testing on efficiency and related subjects for its customers. The laboratory of Kiwa has all the necessary test installations and test conditions 24/7 available.

For central heating, hot water and heat pump markets we can perform efficiency measurements on the central heating part but also all kind of tapping patterns for the hot water part and all required performance testing on heat pumps. It doesn’t matter if it is for European standards or for local requirements, Kiwa is your party to contact.

Our test facilities only use ETR’s (Efficiency Test Rigs) that fullfill the requirements mentioned in the applicable standards. All measurements required for the new Eco design regulations can be tested at Kiwa. Thuis also includes the combustion tests, stand by losses but also noise.

In the Cooking and Catering market we have a unique service also to measure for local quality marks like Energy Star for the North American market and DIN 18873 for Germany. You only need one party for all your worldwide testing, it is no longer necessary to go overseas for example Energy star measurements.

If you want more information or have any question at all, contact Kiwa: Your partner for progress!