Testing and Measurement Equipment

Kiwa has many years of experience in testing and developing gas appliances. We provide this experience to help you in measurements such as:

  • Accurate gas meter with software;
  • Calibration and maintenance;
  • Customised test rig;
  • Down-draught box to simulate wind attack;
  • Efficiency test rig;
  • Gas mixing equipment to make test gases;
  • Instrument advice;
  • Material testing and optimisation;
  • Measurement sampling tubes and caps;
  • Restrictor to determine the flue length;
  • Soot measurement in flue gas;
  • Standard laboratory test rig;
  • Temperature walls to measure temperature under, behind or next to the appliance;
  • Test pans

Kiwa supplies automated systems for:

  • Comfort for domestic hot water appliance;
  • Emissions, temperature, humidity, flow, heat input and pressure;
  • Efficiency according to standards;
  • We can even automate your complete laboratory for you.

We will be happy to provide you with any information you might need, so please contact us!