Kiwa Training develops and organizes specialist courses and workshops to share and spread the existing (technical) knowledge. Some of these courses have built up a long history (starting over 40 years ago), continuously being updated in accordance with the latest techniques and modern insights. The practical approach in teaching manners is characteristic for Kiwa Training, as most teachers and course developers are also active in the work field and therefore know that they talk or write about.

We currently offer the following training programs for the energy sector (only available in Dutch):

  • Higher Gas Distribution;
  • Intermediate Gas/Electricity/Heat Distribution Techniques;
  • Heat Distribution Techniques;
  • CNG Tank Inspections;
  • Gas Stations Techniques;
  • Periodical Inspections;
  • Periodical Maintenance;
  • Gas Engines;
  • Safety Gas Installations

For further information and a full range of courses visit the Kiwa Training pages.