About us

Kiwa ExVision

Kiwa ExVision is Kiwa's knowledge center in the field of explosion safety. We offer manufacturers of Ex-equipment services in the field of international product certification (ATEX, IECEx), production quality assurance (QAR, QAN) and training for manufacturers and developers. Kiwa ExVision is Notified Body for the ATEX Directive (2014/34 / EU) and IECEx Certification Body and Test Laboratory. We focus in particular on internationally oriented manufacturers of devices and components that are used in a (potentially) hazardous area.

Short time to market

Kiwa ExVision looks after your interests. Transparent service is our main focus. We support you with an experienced team of experts to put your products on the market in the shortest possible time, with the main focus on Europe. Kiwa ExVision realizes that a short time to market is essential for you and therefore we understand that communication is key.

We plan technical consultations as early as possible within the product development stage to make sure that both parties are on the same page before starting the actual certification project.

Especially for developers from ex equipment we offer a wide range of courses. For the very beginner who is new in the Explosion Safety world, an E-learning and 2 days during basic+ training is interesting. For the well experienced developer, Kiwa offers a dedicated, protection method based, training in different forms.

Other CE services

Within the Kiwa group similar departments to Kiwa ExVision supply other test and certification services. It is possible that besides ATEX, your products also have to deal with some of the following directives, regulations or requirements: EMC, Electrical Safety, Radio (wireless), Telecom, Machine directive, Pressure directive, functional safety etc.

Feel free to ask about these other services through your Kiwa ExVision contact person.