The advantages of the Kiwa quality mark COVID-19 preventive measures

The way in which organisations carry out their activities has changed worldwide as a result of the coronavirus COVID-19. Organisations are working hard to work as well as possible within this new reality. Thanks to innovative solutions and perseverance, this is becoming increasingly successful. Kiwa’s COVID-19 preventive measures quality mark helps your organisation take the next step. Below we explain the advantages of this certificate.

Kiwa periodically carries out an assessment of your organisation for the COVID-19 preventive measures quality mark. Protocols and action plans of the organisation are checked. If the policy complies with applicable guidelines to limit the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, this will result in certification and you will receive a declaration of conformity. This shows that you comply with the relevant guidelines. Your organisation will also be included in the register of Kiwa's COVID-19 preventive measures quality mark. This register lists all organisations that meet the requirements of the quality mark.

In addition, Kiwa's COVID-19 quality mark helps you to stimulate a number of factors within your organisation:


The Kiwa COVID-19 preventive measures quality mark gives your organisation a tool to ensure that all applicable requirements have been implemented within the organisation. Because Kiwa carries out the main part of the assessment on the shop floor, you create clarity for your customers at the same time. With the quality mark your organisation makes safety visible.


A certificate gives trust and contributes to customer satisfaction. Kiwa has extensive experience in carrying out quality assessments, including in the tourism and recreation sector, the healthcare sector and the sports and transport sector. Demonstrating the correctly applied preventive measures creates trust with your customers.


The quality mark follows the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle, allowing you to make continuous improvements to your organisation's processes in a structured manner. In this way, you are constantly working on increasing safety and transparency in your organisation. In addition, work is more efficient and fewer mistakes are made if work processes are transparent. Employees become more involved and work in a more targeted way. At the same time, they get more enjoyment from their work.


A certificate is also a perfect marketing tool. After obtaining the quality mark you will receive a sticker with which you can visibly show that your organisation complies with the requirements for COVID-19 preventive measures that apply to the sector. You have an extra selling point: Kiwa confirms that you are deploying the measures in the right way and in doing so you distinguish yourself from the competition.

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