• Kiwa’s policy in relation to the Corona virus

    15 March 2020

    The Corona virus spreads throughout the world and presently occurs in all countries that Kiwa is present in. To help contain the spread of the virus, this policy guides our employees and subcontractors in how to cope with (the effects of) the virus and the impact it may have on the services we offer our customers.

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  • Kiwa ISA Sport is member of the newly set up FIFA Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

    26 November 2018

    FIFA considers the development of football technology and related quality standards to be one of its most important priorities. In order to further develop the standards FIFA has set up the FIFA Technical Advisory Group for Football Turf Standards. Kiwa ISA Sport is member of this group.

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  • The FIBA launches a new facilities manual

    8 October 2019

    The international basketball federation (FIBA) has requested Kiwa ISA Sport and other test institutes to join forces and create an upgraded version of the FIBA Handbook of test methods and requirements. The cooperation with the International Governing Body for Basketball and the test institutes resulted in a new set of requirements and test methods.

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