Digital License by Kiwa: Simple, reliable and secure

Professionals in various sectors demonstrate their skills and compliance to applicable requirements with a certificate of personal competence. At the moment these certificates or permits are mostly paper certificates or plastic passes. From now on they can carry their certificate or permit on their smartphone using a digital license, the Kiwa eLicense. That is simple, reliable and safe!

Transport professionals, aerospace engineers and security and healthcare workers currently demonstrate their skills with a physical permit or certificate that they have to renew periodically. This is made much easier by Kiwa’s new digital license platform.

Digital license provides insight into competences

Moreover, this provides employers and clients with more insight into a professional’s competences. The secure digital licenses and permits that are created with Kiwa’s digital license service enable professionals to use their own smartphone to easily demonstrate that they are qualified for the job.

Tight security

Information security is the critical success factor in the use of digital licenses. Especially when it concerns special personal data, including for example medical data. Kiwa's digital license platform and smartphone apps meets eIDAS Level High (Stork 4) security standards. This is the most stringent information security level (apart from military-grade security).

Impartial certification body

Kiwa is an independent impartial certification body, supervised by public bodies and independent private sector third parties (including the British Standards Institution). This allows Kiwa to demonstrate externally that it is compliant with applicable legislation and information security standards.

Due to the high security requirements that Kiwa sets for its digital license platform, the electronic license service is also of added value for other organizations that want to create secure digital licences for their licensees, certificate holders, employees or end users.

Kiwa’s digital license service complies with relevant industry standard ISO/IEC 18013-5.

More information?

Would you like to know more about Kiwa’s digital license service or meet us for more information? Watch the video, contact us via the contact form or call our specialist: +31 (0)6 29 06 34 42.

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