What Kiwa can do for you

Prepare yourself
Our courses help you to improve quality, safety, efficiency, health and sustainability. Both in your private life and in your business performance, but also in the organizational development of your working methods, products and services. In this way you are better prepared for new client requests, (legal) requirements and challenges and better equipped and informed to reach your goals and start new adventures.

Develop yourself - and more
Seminars, training courses and other forms of education help you to develop yourself, your skills and your knowledge. They also provide an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded people from other industries and organizations. Participating in such events is one of the best ways to expand your network and exchange ideas with others, but it is also an excellent way to keep up with trends and new requirements.

How we train you
We strive for an optimal balance between transferring knowledge and acquiring and developing skills based on that knowledge. That is why we combine theory and its practical application in our training courses, seminars, educational programs and other educational activities.

Participating is easy
You have access to our knowledge in various ways. Most of our training activities take place at your location or in your company, i.e. at your office or workplace, but we also have special training facilities around the world. You can participate individually or with a group of colleagues. We also offer a growing number of e-learning modules.

Our trainers know your market
All our trainers have a solid theoretical basis in their (and your) field of expertise, extensive industry know-how and market experience. They can turn their knowledge into understandable and interesting information with a large number of practical examples that you can use immediately to improve yourself, your daily work and your entire organization.

We connect with the world
Not only our trainers have a strong connection with industries and markets. We work together with a large number partners to ensure that our training courses are up-to-date. We adapt them where possible and where necessary. In this way we always offer training according to the latest requirements and educational developments.

We help you demonstrate that you are up-to-date
It is very important that you keep abreast of developments in your areas of expertise and that you can prove that you are up-to-date. That is why we register, monitor and monitor your professional skills and competences in special databases that can be consulted to check your qualifications.