Why work with Kiwa experts?

The steel market has been a consistent market for years. All the developments that take place are picked up by Kiwa experts. They are more updated about the industry than anyone else and they know how you can respond to this as an entrepreneur. Kiwa experts recognize the importance of good contact with you as an entrepreneur. Listening to what is important to you, is part of that. From that starting point, Kiwa has started offering integrated audits. If you want to know more about integrated audits, read on. Or contact the steel market expert.

Click here to contact our integrated audit experts in the field of EN 1090 and ISO 3834.

  • Working in the steel market is becoming safer

    The steel industry has taken significant steps in the recent decades when it comes to safety in the workplace. Where years ago there was a blind eye, companies now consciously pay attention to safety in the workplace.

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  • What can we do for you?

    The steel industry has a lot of different certificates and regulations. There are a number of certificates that are eligible for an integrated audit. Are you eligible for integrated auditing? Find it out here!

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