Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS)

Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS) consist of Operational Technology in different shapes. OT security requires a different and specific approach when compared to IT security because the priorities and technology differ. At Kiwa we have the right OT experts to address the IACS and OT related cyber security concerns ranging from compliancy to consultancy. 

Operational Technology (OT) consists of hardware and software that detects or causes operational activity through the direct monitoring and/or control of physical processes through the use of devices, systems and technology. IACS and OT are found in several industrially oriented environments such as critical infrastructure and factories. Some examples of OT assets are: PLC’s, SCADA systems and Building Management Systems. As this technology and data utilisation advances and converges with other technologies, OT security is becoming increasingly important.

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Where cyber security is often taken into account when designing IT environments - due to, among other things, the sensitivity of information and the direct connection to the internet – this is much less the case with OT environments. Previously, operational technology was often separate from other systems and the internet, which decreased the importance cyber security. However, due to digitisation and increasing need for data exchange, the OT and IT worlds are becoming increasingly interconnected. Linking these environments brings new risks that affect the digital resilience of the entire organisation. Tackling these requires a combination of knowledge of the OT domain as well as in depth cyber security knowledge.

Combined expertise

At Kiwa we have the subject matter experts at hand to guide you with various OT security related concerns. Since May 2021 Kiwa collaborates with Hudson Cybertec, specialised in cyber security for Industrial Automation & Control Systems (IACS) in the OT domain. With Hudson Cybertec's expertise in cyber security and Kiwa's authority on testing, inspection and certification (TIC), all the knowledge is in-house to help organisations inventory, assess, certify and maintain digital resilience.

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Cyber security in 5 steps

Together, Kiwa and Hudson Cybertec offer cyber security solutions for the most diverse organisations. From organisations that are just starting to shape their OT cyber security to companies that are already making OT cyber security a high priority. The cyber security approach of Kiwa and Hudson Cybertec is summarised below in 5 steps. Within these steps, we offer several services to help you through each step: