14 December 2020

Swiss alarm transmission expert TUS first to obtain Kiwa RARS certificate

Like many other modern telecom related devices, alarm transmission systems are increasingly being connected to the web. This offers numerous possibilities when it comes to availability and remote operating, but can also entail security risks. Swiss alarm transmission expert TUS Telekommunikation und Sicherheit can boast decades of experience when it comes to end-to-end secure alarm chains and was recently the first to certify against Kiwa’s scheme Remote Access for Remote Services (RARS). Mike Jerin, CTO at TUS: ‘Customers want to achieve maximum security and trust a certified company.’

Internet technology makes the way we live and work more efficient and often more fun as well, However, it also makes us vulnerable. Hackers or other ill-intended entities may obtain access to devices, causing information to fall into the wrong hands. This also goes for alarm and security products. Many alarm systems can be operated and maintained remotely, making it increasingly important to look at cyber security aspects at various levels in the chain. ‘At TUS our primary goal is to provide and operate a reliable infrastructure,’ says Mike Jerin. ‘An important concern is that our customers and partners can find their way around the increasingly complex technical environment using modern and simple tools.’

Secure VPN solution

TUS obtained the RARS certificate for ‘alarmVPN’, a secure virtual private network (VPN) solution integrated in TUS’ standard alarm transmission device. ‘You can, for example, access your hazard detection system or other systems for remote support or transmit operating data to a server and thus have access to useful plant data at all times. It is a great advantage if the remote access can take place via the standard SPT, as this is usually already installed at the customer’s site for the alarm system’. TUS decided to certify ‘alarmVPN’ against Kiwa’s RARS scheme because the company wanted to launch a new version of the service for their major partners.

Selling point

‘Nowadays, especially in our field of activity, customers want to be reassured’, says Mike Jerin. ‘Certifications give them this security. It contributes to the transparency of quality and enables us to prove that our systems are reliable and flawless. We are convinced that today a certification is of the essence when it comes to selecting a business partner. Customers want to achieve maximum security and trust a certified company. For all these reasons, we believe that this could help future customers to choose TUS. We are certainly going to use this new certification as a selling point to prospects.’


For certifying ‘alarmVPN’ TUS turned to Kiwa. ‘Kiwa has an excellent reputation all over the world. It is a trustworthy, reliable company involved in the businesses it certifies. Regarding our RARS certification the Kiwa auditors were very cooperative and competent. And also demanding, which is a good thing as RARS certification was taken very seriously at TUS. The whole company is involved at different levels. The awarding of the certificate was celebrated internally as it represents the culmination of an important milestone.’

About TUS

TUS Telekommunikation und Sicherheit is a joint venture of Securiton AG and Siemens Switzerland AG. The company has been providing alarm transmission in Switzerland for more than 50 years. TUS has branches in Zollikofen and Volketswil and employs 35 people. To date, the company has over 39 thousand alarm transmitters in operation and collaborates with more than 100 installer partners. TUS is the only alarm transmission service provider (ATSP) in Switzerland that complies with all relevant standards and guidelines and has a certified end-to-end alarm transmission. More info: www.igtus.ch.

Photo: Markus Balsiger and Mike Jerin are proud to receive the RARS certificate.