• What is biogas?

    In addition to hydrogen and solar and wind energy, biogas can play an important role in the transition to more sustainable energy solutions. But what is biogas? How is it made and what can it be used for?

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    Pressure gauge at tanks
  • Replacing natural gas?

    Biogas is made from organic material, for example sludge from water treatment plants, waste from landfills, organic waste and animal waste such as cow manure. Purifying, drying and upgrading biogas gives it the same quality as natural gas. Biogas is then called green gas. But is green gas a fully-fledged alternative to fossil natural gas?

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  • Energy transition and biogas

    Just like hydrogen, solar and wind energy and heat pumps, biogas can play a role in the transition to a more sustainable energy supply. This can be done in various ways: as ‘pure’ biogas, but mainly as reprocessed green gas in the transport world and by feeding it into our current natural gas network. Read more about the role of biogas in the energy transition here.

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  • Kiwa and biogas

    Biogas is an important asset in making our energy supply more sustainable. Energy-neutrally generated biogas can be used in combined heat and power plants (CHP) or be upgraded to green gas that is mixed into the natural gas network. Kiwa's biogas experts monitor the quality of this gas and advise on its production and use.

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