Why Kiwa and Alliander started the Hydrogen Experience Centre

Kiwa and Alliander opened the Hydrogen Experience Centre in Apeldoorn: a demonstration and training location set up as a private home where professionals learn how to convert the natural gas supply in residential areas for hydrogen application. In the Hydrogen Experience Centre, Kiwa and Alliander demonstrate that hydrogen can be used excellently as a fuel in the built environment. At the same time, the centre is intended to train technicians and installers and familiarize them with the natural gas to hydrogen transition. This is necessary because the need for technicians who can work with hydrogen will increase rapidly in the near future.

From natural gas to hydrogen

The Dutch government aims to rid all homes in the Netherlands from natural gas by 2050. Because the existing gas network can be used for a hydrogen transport and distribution, hydrogen is one of the options for replacing natural gas. To demonstrate how this works in practice, Kiwa and Alliander’s Hydrogen Experience Centre has been designed as a real residential home. It has a kitchen and a fuse box and is equipped with a 100% hydrogen boiler. In this way, the application of hydrogen in the built environment can be put into practice.

Pilot in Lochem

In 2021, Alliander will start a pilot in Lochem in which existing homes with a natural gas connection will be converted to hydrogen. The pilots concerns houses that have a landmark status and are not optimally insulated. Because of that, these homes are less suitable for the application of heat pumps or connection to a heat network. Hydrogen is therefore the best option for sustainable heating. The residents of this district will be able to visit the Hydrogen Experience Centre and experience which adjustments are needed to prepare their homes for hydrogen.

More information

In addition to professionals and residents, municipalities, suppliers and any other interested parties are very welcome in the Hydrogen Experience Centre. Would you like to know more about Kiwa's hydrogen services and the Kiwa and Alliander’s hydrogen demo house? Please contact us (+31 (0) 88 998 35 21 or technology@kiwa.nl) and we will gladly tell you all about it!