29 August 2023

Exploring the future of energy: Kiwa showcases hydrogen services at Gastech Exhibition 2023 in Singapore

  • 5 – 8 September, 2023
  • Singapore EXPO
  • Stand A512

Kiwa joins forces with Eriks and SHV Energy to showcase our hydrogen solutions at the Gastech Exhibition, 5-8 September 2023. We invite you to visit our stand A512 and discover the limitless possibilities of this clean energy source.

As the world steadily transitions towards more sustainable energy solutions, hydrogen has emerged as a pivotal player in the clean energy landscape. Recognizing the transformative potential of hydrogen, Kiwa is excited to present its advanced hydrogen services at Gastech Exhibition 2023. By harnessing the power of hydrogen, Kiwa aims to address critical challenges in sectors such as transportation, industry, and energy generation and storage.

Kiwa will be sharing a unified stand with Eriks and SHV Energy, sister companies that share the same vision of a hydrogen-powered future. Experts from Kiwa, Eriks, and SHV Energy will be available to engage in insightful discussions about the potential of hydrogen, LNG and alternative fuels and their transformative impact on industries worldwide.

Kiwa’s services for the hydrogen supply chain

Thanks to our expertise in the gas sector and to our wide knowledge of related infrastructures, Kiwa has a unique stance in the hydrogen market. We are active at national and international levels for technical assistance, testing, inspection and certification of solutions dedicated to the whole supply chain:

Or read our hydrogen capability statement.

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