19 December 2023

Kiwa CE GAR certificate for Cooll Sustainable Energy Solutions' SuperHybrid gas heat pump

Cooll Sustainable Energy Solutions, a Dutch specialist in innovative, sustainable heating solutions, recently received the CE GAR certificate from Kiwa for its SuperHybrid gas heat pump. This marks a significant milestone for the young company, which utilizes advanced gas adsorption technology in the SuperHybrid.

The Cooll SuperHybrid ingeniously combines the efficiency of a heat pump with the comfort of a traditional gas boiler in an innovative manner. The SuperHybrid reduces gas consumption, and consequently CO₂ emissions, by thirty to forty percent. Without additional electricity consumption as often seen with other heat pumps or alternative heating devices. Cooll's gas heat pump technology could therefore be a crucial puzzle piece in the energy transition: achieving a substantial reduction in CO₂ emissions without overloading the electricity grid.

The SuperHybrid further distinguishes itself by its easy integration into (existing) homes: the gas heat pump replaces a standard gas boiler without major renovations. Currently, the CE GAR certification applies only to natural gas use, but the SuperHybrid is also compatible with LNG, biogas and even hydrogen.

As a leading expert in energy transition and gas, Kiwa is a pioneer in new developments such as heat pumps, hydrogen and alternatives to natural gas. Kiwa ensures the safety of gas appliances and supports the implementation of innovative energy-saving solutions. While Cooll continues to innovate in heating technology, Kiwa looks forward to the impact of the SuperHybrid and the collaboration between companies and regulators driving progress in the energy transition.

More information

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