Why solar energy?

Why is solar energy so popular? Five reasons:

1. Free and sustainable

Of course you have to invest in solar panels or a solar boiler, but solar energy in itself is free. And according to the latest calculations, the sun continues to shine for millions of years, so we can safely say that solar energy is inexhaustible. The production of solar energy does not lead to the emission of carbon dioxide and other harmful substances. Moreover, a solar cell - which mainly consists of silicon - can be recycled up to ninety percent.

2. Improved technology and shorter payback time

Solar panel manufacturers have made great strides in recent years when it comes to the reliability of their products. An average solar panel nowadays lasts more than twenty years. In addition to the improved lifespan, the efficiency of solar panels has also been improved. A modern PV system can be recouped within six to eight years.

3. Safe and low-maintenance

Solar panels have no mechanical parts and therefore hardly wear. As a result, hardly any maintenance is required during the lifespan of a panel. However, the panels must be cleaned periodically to ensure they continue to work properly. Generating solar energy is safe, at least if certified products are used and if the system is installed by a certified installer.

4. Energy supplier independency

Solar panels or a solar water heater make you an energy producer yourself and that shows on the energy bill. Regarding the purchase of electricity, you are no longer - or in any case less - dependent on energy companies. If you want to return/settle any surplus energy, you will of course still have to deal with an energy supplier.

5. Property value increase

Investing in a solar energy system also means upgrading your house. More than a third of home seekers want a house with solar energy, making your home worth more. In addition, a house with solar panels scores a better energy rating. The buyer of a house with solar panels can even apply for a higher mortgage, up to 25 thousand euros on top of the maximum mortgage amount.