• Why wind energy?

    In countries such as the Netherlands, where there is often strong wind, wind is one of the most obvious choices when it comes to alternative energy sources. After all, wind never runs out, wind energy is clean and can be produced entirely in the Netherlands. The latter is important if we want to be less dependent on fossil energy sources from abroad.

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    Windmill field with blue sky
  • How does a wind turbine work?

    The idea behind a modern wind turbine is no different from the idea behind the windmills in ancient Egypt: wind turns the blades of the turbine and that movement is converted into energy. But under the hood, a modern wind turbine houses fine examples of technical ingenuity.

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    Windmill at sea
  • Wind energy in the Netherlands

    The Dutch government's climate plans state that by 2030 at least 27 percent of the energy must come from sustainable sources and that our energy supply has to be CO₂-free by 2050. Wind energy, both on land and at sea, plays an important role in achieving these goals.

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    A cloud over the countryside
  • Kiwa and wind energy

    Both onshore and offshore wind farms require major investments. In order to ensure that these investments continue to pay off over the entire life cycle of a wind farm, it is crucial to ensure that the wind turbines are always in perfect technical condition. Kiwa helps with this, with inspection and certification services for almost all aspects of your wind farm.

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    Two workers standing and pointing on a windmill field