Working at Kiwa: Christian Kreyberg Grødal

Christian Kreyberg Grødal works as Department Manager of Kiwa Norway’s materials laboratories in Kongsberg and Rygge. In 2019 he participated in Kiwa’s global Talent Development Programme.

'After obtaining my master’s degree in Material Technology in 2012, I started as a Materials Engineer at an engineering company based in Trondheim. In 2014 I was ready for a new challenging career step. I was happy to start at Kiwa Norway, then still called Inspecta, as Metallurgist (material consultant). Since January 2019 I am Department Manager for the materials technology department.'

Drive to improve

'What I like about working at Kiwa, besides the fact that I have a challenging and varied job, is the possibility to influence your own development. I was honored that I was asked to participate in Kiwa’s Talent Development Programme.'

'Kiwa is developing strongly, which has a positive effect on my work. I notice this by a drive to explore 'what else can we do?' or 'can we do this in a better way?'. We are always looking for the next step for our customers, therefore I see a bright future at Kiwa. At Kiwa we work continuously on the development and improvement of our services.'

Talent Development Programme

Christian has joined the Kiwa Talent Development Programme (TDP) and finished his last module in November 2019. Christian: 'TDP is about being aware that what you say and do and how you say and do things can affect others. Being aware of this, you can solve obstacles that might occur. The programme really helps me to handle this in a good way.'

'I’ve joined the programme because I thought this was a good opportunity to learn more about something that you normally wouldn’t learn in your everyday work. Besides that, you meet colleagues from all over the world and you learn more about the services Kiwa provides outside Norway.'