Working at Kiwa: Edwin Verweij

Edwin Verweij works as Test Engineer at Kiwa Netherlands. He is engaged in testing devices in the field of Fire, Safety and Security.

‘After I got my degrees in Electrical Engineering and Telecom ICT, I started my first job repairing electronics and after a while assembling and testing electronics. In 2018, I started working as Test Engineer at Kiwa. I am involved in testing parts of burglary and fire equipment. In addition to functional testing of the components, we also test whether the products are resistant to external weather conditions, e.g. cold, heat or high humidity. We also test whether the products comply with the EMC Directive 2014/30/EU. For example, I test power supplies for burglary equipment that are separated or integrated with other components.’

‘While taking the picture, I was testing a power supply that is part of an alarm panel. We check whether the output voltage(s) remain within specification for supply variance, short circuit on the output and errors that we apply to the power supply. But we also check simple things, such as whether the internal battery is sufficiently charged within the specified time and/or if the power supply is able to detect if the external power supply (eg 230V ~) is still working.’

What is so great about working at Kiwa?

‘I really like my job at Kiwa, it is very varied. We test different types of products according to all kind of standards. Each project is different.’

‘The atmosphere within our department is very pleasant and we all can work very well together. Because of the business unit structure, you feel part of a smaller whole. You are not a number, but a person, working with a small group of experienced colleagues. However, I also feel part of the whole of Kiwa, we are all Kiwa. I notice this for example when I borrow equipment from another unit. This is never a problem and can always be arranged in consultation.’