Working at Kiwa: Emin Beytullah Camur

Emin Beytullah Camur works as IT responsible at Kiwa Turkey and as Functional ICT Consultant for Kiwa's global business change program Flow!. As Emin states: 'It’s great to be able to contribute to the global Flow! project on behalf of Kiwa Turkey. I can apply my knowledge and I have learned a lot from among others Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Kiwa as a whole. Also, it’s very cool to work with colleagues from all over the world.'

Start at Kiwa

'After obtaining my Bachelor’s degree Computer Science Engineering at the Marmara University in Istanbul, I started looking for a job in which I could develop further. I got in contact with my first manager at Kiwa through a mutual contact. I immediately felt a connection and I noticed the opportunity to gain experience and grow.'

'In the four years that I have now worked at Kiwa, I have fulfilled various roles. I started as Training Coordinator, organizing customer trainings in the various subject areas in which we are active. Later on we grew our business with accredited personnel certification to which I contributed as quality responsible. I also actively took part in the development of Kiwa’s management system to fulfill legal and ISO 17024 Personnel Certification accreditation requirements. In the meantime I moved more towards IT, taking part in the ICT maintenance and development of Kiwa Turkey. After my first year I got the role of IT Responsible. Having accomplished some changes, I am still working on harmonizing our IT infrastructure to the Kiwa Global approach.'

'For two years I attended Kiwa's Talent Development Program together with Kiwa colleagues from all over the world. The program has broaden my communication skills and developed my insights about professional relationships. Participation in this program also taught me skills that I use for my work as Functional ICT Consultant for Kiwa’s Flow! program, which I have been working on since 2017. The goal of this project is to harmonize the business processes within Kiwa worldwide and realizing a fluent business flow in the same software environment. After working for Kiwa Turkey’s Flow! project for one year, I’ve started to support and roll-out Flow! in other countries.'

What do you like about working at Kiwa?

‘We work as a team and we trust each other. I have been given space to take initiatives and to develop myself. While having to do your job, you can always get support from colleagues when things get complicated and stressful. New tasks and challenges are coming in day by day. Kiwa is growing and therefore you regularly have to cope with different situations, new challenges and a constantly changing routine.'

'Since I have been included in different fields within Kiwa, I gained quite a lot of experience in those fields in a short period of time. Kiwa helps you to grow, giving you the space to develop yourself and make career decisions.’