Our professional geotechnical and geo-environmental teams conduct a complete service from preliminary assessment to intrusive site investigations, remediation appraisals and verification of remedial measures.

We sample, test and advise on construction materials, soils and waste products and assess for human health, waste classification and “end of waste” status.

We regularly carry out work for construction companies, developers, large contractors, local authorities, waste producers, waste recyclers, aggregate producers and other consultancies throughout the UK.

We pride ourselves on offering a “gold standard” service. We give you access to the accumulative knowledge of industry recognised professionals who are happy to interpret, and where applicable, offer solutions to problems that testing may identify.

  • Desk Study and Site Reconnaissance (Phase I)
  • Preliminary Coal Mining Risk Assessments
  • Site Investigation teams for Window Sampling, Trial Pitting, Cable Percussive and Rotary Rigs
  • Geotechnical Testing
  • Ground Gas Monitoring and Assessment
  • Contamination testing and assessment
  • Characterisation and WAC Testing
  • Waste Soil Assessment and EWC Coding
  • Site Investigation for Macadam type materials
  • Topsoil/Subsoil Sampling, Testing, Assessment and Classification
  • Aggregate Testing
  • Sulfate Testing