Automated Data Collection & Protection

We specialise in remote monitoring of energy consumption in field trials and can provide a complete data collection and processing service, from the initial design of the project, through to data analysis, and finally the dissemination of findings and developing of guidance. We also develop automated systems for bespoke laboratory trials, bringing together specialist equipment and allowing experiments to be controlled and supervised remotely.

Our selected partners supply industrial-grade sensors, specified by us, that we can pre-configure or install on the customer's behalf. We transfer data using encrypted and VPNs as standard, offering both mobile and wired data collection systems. Our automated processing systems allow us to offer real-time customer dashboards, enhanced with machine learning-driven alert systems.

Projects include:


  • Specification, installation and monitoring of £200k+ equipment in homes and businesses across GB to measure energy, heat and environmental conditions for a UK Government field trial.
  • Monitoring of system performance for low-carbon heating manufacturer, by interfacing with existing monitoring equipment on site, including auditing of data received.
  • Design, build and ongoing support of automated laboratory test rigs for a low-carbon manufacturer, allowing week-long efficiency tests to be carried out with minimal supervision.
  • Design and build of an automated flammable-gas sampling system, used by Kiwa during safety trials on behalf of a UK energy supplier.
  • Specification and configuration of a high frequency (10,000 Hz) pressure-sensor system, used by Kiwa to track explosion consequences in a flammable-gas safety trial on behalf of a UK energy supplier. Additional post-processing of signals to remove noise and calculate energy transfers.