Data Analysis and Quality Assurance

Our projects range from analysis of Internet of Things (IoT) energy and environmental data, to the independent quality assurance of experimental and survey data. We work with datasets that are too large or diverse for traditional spreadsheets, for example those including geographical (GIS) data.

We develop automated analysis techniques that are efficient, reliable and can be easily changed at a later date, including machine learning and other statistical techniques that allow us to automatically categorise or identify anomalous data points. For enhanced transparency and to prevent lock-in, we can also provide the source code of our analyses.

Projects include:


  • Detailed analysis of appliance efficiency data for a UK Government field trial, allowing for changes to official policy to be developed.
  • Independent quality assurance review of data on behalf of a trade body, that was used to lobby UK Government for changes to air quality policy.
  • Review and analysis of literature and experimental data as part of a safety case for changes to gas safety regulations in the UK.
  • Processing and analysis of experimental data from a manufacturer of a novel product seeking approval for its use in the UK gas network.
  • Analysis of geographical energy demand data, to demonstrate the feasibility of proposed changes to the UK gas network.
  • Analysis of smart meter data to identify targeted energy saving measures on a per-property level, on behalf of a UK energy supplier.