Kiwa Product Compliance Procedure

Project planning

As soon as you place your order with Kiwa Product Compliance, we:  

  • Appoint a dedicated project manager and technical lead to support your project
  • Liaise with your team to perform full project planning with critical path analysis
  • Ensure that your objectives are understood and that any risks to the schedule are outlined


On the initiation of your project, we will require the provision of a set of technical documentation for the product, such as:  

  • Block Diagram
  • Technical Datasheets
  • Test Reports
  • User Guide

All deliverables required to proceed will be confirmed at the time of quotation. Kiwa Product Compliance guarantee that all applications are sent within 2 working days of receipt of deliverables, after which the process is closely monitored to ensure a speedy delivery to the regulator. 


To ensure that no delays are incurred once sample and paperwork shipments have left our offices, Kiwa Product Compliance track the status of all dossiers and samples closely. This includes:  

  • Daily checks with our courier regarding the progress and estimated delivery dates
  • Support and assistance for customs clearance of dossiers and samples
  • Advanced notice to regulators and in-country agents advising of tracking numbers

Where local testing is needed

In the cases where foreign test reports are not accepted, local testing will be required. Typically 1-2 samples plus support equipment are required to be sent to local test laboratories. Kiwa Product Compliance ensure that:             

  • All samples are pre-screened to ensure they operate correctly
  • Test instructions provided are suitable for non-native English speakers and where needed, tailored instructions are created
  • Full technical support is provided to the local test laboratories. We can also introduce your engineering team to our contacts at the test laboratory so that you can remain in full control of the test process
  • Full monitoring of test progress, our team are happy to attend testing on your behalf where additional support is needed

Process and Project Management

We are proud of the strong relationships that we maintain with regulatory agencies worldwide. These relationships are key to Kiwa Product Compliance's success and the excellent cycle-time that we offer. Throughout your project we will:   

  • Follow up closely each week with our in-country contacts to ensure the project is on track 
  • Provide a detailed weekly status report tracking the progress, predicted completion of milestone dates and a list of any outstanding actions/deliverables
  • Update you immediately on the progress of any critical issues

Continued Compliance

On completion of your project, all Type Approval certificates are logged into our certification database. We conduct a quarterly review of this database and check any certificates due to expire. You will receive:

  • A quarterly report (if applicable) detailing all Approvals that are due to expire
  • Advanced notice of any regulatory changes that may affect your certificate renewal
  • A special discounted rate for renewals of certificates originally handled by Kiwa Product Compliance