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Hydrogen Training for Decision Makers

For decision makers needing to address the emerging potential of a Hydrogen Economy.

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Contaminated Land Investigation

Kiwa CMT | We examine ground contamination

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Manual Handling eLearning course

Our Manual Handling eLearning course will help you and colleagues reduce the risk of injuries, ensure legal compliance, enhance productivity, and promote a safe working environment.

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Structures Testing

Kiwa CMT | Structures, geotechnical, waste and construction materials testing

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Geotechnical Testing

Our geotechnical services are used by construction and civil engineers, highways and local authorities. We offer a wide range of site investigation and laboratory testing services.

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External Wall Systems

This course- will help you understand the various cladding systems currently installed on buildings, the materials, fixing methods, finishes, and the different types of cavity barriers and closures.

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Manual Handling Training

Manual Handling | Learn how to move loads correctly at work

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Geo-Environmental Services

Kiwa CMT | We have an experienced and qualified team to assist you with your needs for Site Investigation, Contaminated Land, Soil and Waste Materials, whether it be a straightforward testing requirement or a full site investigation.

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Internal Auditing - 1 day

Internal auditing qualification for individuals working in a manufacturing environment.

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Waste and Contamination

Kiwa CMT | Construction materials, geotechnical, structures and waste testing.

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Kiwa Training
Passive Fire Protection Overview

Gain a general understanding of the various passive fire protection systems available and the UK regulations and standards.

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Fire Rated Timber Door Sets

Gain a critical understanding of the important issues that must be addressed when conducting installation, maintenance and inspections of Fire Rated Timber Doors.

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Internal Auditing - 2 day

Training for those involved in implementing standards and the internal auditing process.

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One-Day Internal Auditing Public Course

This one-day session has been designed for anyone who will undertake internal audits for BRCGS Food Safety (Issue 9).

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