Metal and wooden building materials

In an ideal environment, common construction materials like metal and wood are very durable and can last indefinitely. However, design or construction deficiencies or lack of proper maintenance can result in less-than-ideal conditions under which construction materials will degrade. For that reason it is important to check various aspects these of these building materials. Kiwa can help you. Together we can make the high quality of your construction product visible!

Metal construction products

Metal as a construction product is regulated according to the European Construction Product Regulation CPR and European harmonized specifications or according to national standards. The testing, inspection and certification of metallic construction products is a core business of Kiwa. We offer our services for example for

  • Reinforcing and prestressed steel
  • Structural metallic products
  • Fixings
  • Pipes, tanks and ancillaries
  • and many more

We use our international Kiwa network to offer our services worldwide and according to the most important quality marks like CE, Ü-Zeichen, KOMO, STF, FI or voluntary marks.

Wooden construction products

Certification of wooden products guarantees that the product requirements of building  authorities and fire regulations are met. That is why not only an initial inspection is needed, but continuous surveillance of the producer too. This needs to be done by an independent and accredited notified testing laboratory like Kiwa. We can help you to make the high quality of your wooden construction products visible.

Kiwa | Your partner in testing, inspecting and certifying metal and wooden building materials

Our services in the field of metal and wooden building materials