Roads and highways

Safe roads and highways are crucial elements of infrastructure. This applies to both new construction of asphalt pavements and to maintenance, so it is important to keep a close eye on the condition of roads. Greater awareness among road authorities for a safe road surface is leading to an increasing demand for control measurements.

Kiwa can help and support at every step of the construction chain for both roads and highways. We have a number of testing systems, to test virtually all characteristics that may apply in the design, construction and management of roads, industrial sites and airports.

On site testing

Kiwa has the knowledge and latest equipment to test roads and highways on site. Through international cooperation, we can offer our services Europe-wide.

With Europe’s largest skid resistance vehicle and the new 3D laser device, we can offer a range of services. All functional properties can be determined in just one run. We have developed our testing techniques so we can conduct some tests without hindering traffic:

  • Texture
  • Skid resistance
  • Uneveness
  • Ride comfort (IRI)
  • Ravelling
  • Road Markings
  • Cracking
  • Potholes

Laboratory testing

As well as testing on site, we test all relevant properties of road construction materials in our own fully equipped and state of the art laboratories. Our services for roads and highways are complemented by research & development, consulting and geotechnical services for our international and national acting customers.

For roads and highways, Kiwa certifies

  • road markings and the application of road markings
  • road barriers
  • asphalt & concrete and ancillary products like gravel sand, fillers etc.
  • road equipment like traffic control

As a Notified Body, we offer our services according the European technical specifications for the CE-marking, but also according to national standards. We use our international Kiwa network to offer our services worldwide.

Kiwa | Your partner in testing, inspecting and certifying roads and highways

  • The SKM process focuses not only on the quality of the road, but also on road safety. The measurement provides important values for the condition assessment and evaluation of new or existing road surfaces.
  • Our geotechnical services are used by construction and civil engineers, highways and local authorities. We offer a wide range of site investigation and laboratory testing services.
  • Infrastructure consultancy with a focus on all sorts of pavement constructions. From municipal roads to container terminals, from dike revetments to airports. We are experts in constructions and paving materials like asphalt concrete, concrete and block paving.