The Energy Transition is everywhere around us these days and it plays a mayor role in our day to day life and our business. From industrial applications to domestic and the way we travel from A to B is changing significantly.

Mobility is one of the most visible changes and we at Kiwa are fully involved changing the way we travel on a sustainable way, contributing to a cleaner future.

How can Kiwa help?

Our vast experience in testing and certification suits customer products who use alternative fuels as an energy carrier. Offering services in the field of mobility and being able to provide answers to most questions asked, we are in many ways able to assist you on your search of fast market entry, development testing and global certification programs.

Our well-equipped and modern labs have flexible set-ups, tests are performed by highly skilled and flexible test-engineers. The options for mobility related testing are therefore limitless, which offers a wide application of services. Our specialists are happy to assist you in this.

Global services in the field of Mobility

  • Kiwa can test and certify your components of automotive vehicles using compressed natural gas (CNG) and Liquified natural gas (LNG) in their propulsion system, according the Regulation No. 110 (R110). Further we can perform the ISO 15500, and Amer...
  • Kiwa offers testing and development services of automotive components for LPG, CNG, LNG and hydrogen, as well as cyclic and climatic tests. We mainly test pressurized components and electronics.