6 March 2017

Kiwa China vastly extends accredited lab scope

ISO/IEC standard 17025:2005 states ‘General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories’. As of March 1, 2017, Kiwa China’s ISO 17025 testing scope consists of over 100 standards in gas and electric safety. Appliances range from barbecues and camping stoves to gas water heaters and boilers for domestic use.

Two extensive audits by the International Accreditation Service, based in California, USA, took place last December and January.

Gas flame close-up

One-stop shop for testing

Comments Kiwa China’s General Manager, Nadhem Zitouni, “We of course were under the obligation to show our knowledge of the standards, our know-how, equipment management and how we ensure the quality of our work. It took a lot of preparations, from investments in equipment and in our knowledge of these standards to preparing the lab and all necessary documentation.”

“More than ever before, we are a testing one-stop shop for customers”, he continues. “We can do more tests in-house, which saves customers time and money. Furthermore, they can rely on us for a full range of testing methods for gas and electrical appliances.”

More information

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