21 February 2017

Kiwa Technology starts innovative PE batch testing

Kiwa Technology in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, have developed a PE batch test that takes hours instead of months.

Polyethylene (PE) is a kind of plastic often used in pipes (apart from a wealth of other products ranging from plastic bags to water bottles). PE manufacturers need to prove their product will be suited for the application it is used for. In the case of PE, a critical aspect is its resistance to slow crack growth. Only upon passing a so-called batch release test, the manufacturer is allowed to market a certain batch.

PE batch testing tubes

Over recent years, PE quality has greatly improved. Therefore, conventional batch release testing methods have become a rather lengthy business. Thus, while improving their material, time-to-market for PE manufacturers significantly increased – which of course is a disadvantage.

From months to hours

Kiwa Technology, being a leading institution in this field, recently completed the development of the so-called Strain Hardening Test (SHT). This SHT reduces batch release testing periods from months to hours, allowing a far shorter time-to-market. The SHT has been laid down in the international standard ISO 18488.

Several major PE resin manufacturers have already shown interest in such batch release testing. Following the first multi-year agreement, first activities started February 7.

More information

For more information on SHT for batch release testing, please contact Albo.van.Hateren@kiwa.nl