24 September 2019

Biomass Boiler Field Trials Report Published

Biomass Boiler Report

A series of reports on the efficiency of biomass boilers, commissioned by BEIS and produced by a consortium of companies, led by Kiwa Gastec, including Ricardo Energy & Environment, Energy Saving Trust, HETAS and Pick Everard has been published.

The reports are based on field trials monitoring 67 biomass boilers over 17 months (with a sub-sample monitored for 28 months). The operation of these boilers was supported through the Renewable Heat Incentive. The aims of the field trials were to understand the in-use performance of these technologies, to understand the reasons for good or poor performance, and to evaluate the associated emissions of air pollutants.

The findings provide an independent analysis of the data on efficiency and emissions of the biomass boilers monitored.

The reports include an in depth analysis ‘Measurement of the in-situ performance of solid biomass boilers’ useful for industry specialists, and two guidance documents – one aimed at the industry and one aimed at providing guidance to biomass boiler owners on best operating practice to achieve optimum efficiency and minimum emissions.