8 August 2018

Cleaner Heat Cashback

This commercial boiler scrappage scheme, the first of its kind, is designed to incentivise SMEs to replace old, inefficient, higher emission heating systems with new gas or LPG boilers, heat pump or hybrid systems, or to connect to a local heat network.

Kiwa Gastec’s technical expertise in heating appliances and systems, as well as our depth of experience in strategic decarbonisation projects, made us an effective partner for EST in developing the  Scheme rules. Between us we have run a number of stakeholder events to engage relevant parties in this important new scheme. With strong industry backing, and a solid understanding of the range of possible outcomes due to extensive scenario modelling, the Cleaner Heat Cashback Scheme is anticipated to make a significant contribution to improving London’s air quality, lowering the City’s carbon emissions, and reducing fuel bills for the businesses taking up the scheme.