29 July 2019

The Latest on Brexit

The UK has a new PM committed to Brexit. In his statements on the 25th July he stated that the "Irish Backstop" must be removed from the Transition Deal and the issue of the Irish Border be dealt as part of the Future Relationship negotiations. Furthermore the new PM stated that he would only negotiate with the EU on that basis - a position which the EU has previously stated as unacceptable.

So at the present time the No Deal scenario ostensibly looks more likely. However given the apparent majority in the commons to resist a no deal - will this be allowed to happen? If Mr Johnson is prevented from leaving without a deal, then he would be forced to ask for an extension to Article 50 - so would he go to the population in a General Election to seek a clear mandate to leave with no deal? Which, were he unsuccessful, could conceivably give a majority to an opponent with a remain mandate. Clearly there is room for compromise from both sides of the negotiating Table and as the likelihood of No Deal comes closer this would be likely, but at present it feels like a case of who will blink first?

So in summary, 3 years into the Brexit process, all possibilities are still possible and the outcome hard to predict, but given the statements made preparations for a No Deal exit should form the basis for Businesses risk mitigation planning.

BEIS have published a new website tool where by answering a few questions you will be given a list of specific guidance for your business. Here are just a few of the topics covered to give you a flavour of the content...

The construction sector and preparing for Brexit
Export food, drink and agricultural products
Meeting climate change requirements if there’s no Brexit deal
The consumer goods sector and preparing for Brexit
Trade marks and designs if there’s no Brexit deal

At Kiwa we will continue to work with our clients during this challenging time. Please contact us by email if you have any questions and we will do our best to help and we will issue a series of specific updates over the coming weeks and months.