11 April 2019

Kohler Mira UK's TMV Certificate

Kiwa Watertec's Business Manager David Jay was delighted to present Matt Isted NPD Programme Manager of Kohler Mira UK with a TMV certificate of approval for Kohler Mira's Mira Minilite range of TMVs.

Kiwa Watertec, a UKAS accredited testing laboratory (No. 8896) for the testing of thermostatic mixing valves and other plumbing products, offers an alternative TMV certification scheme, with a robust testing procedure confirming that TMVs (types 2 and 3) are safe, reliable, and fit for purpose.

Kiwa Watertec's laboratories also provide KUK certification for sanitary and plumbing products and components. An alternative to traditional UK water product certification, this scheme demonstrates compliance with UK regulations. Call our South Wales laboratories on 01495 308185 or email uk.water@kiwa.com for more information.