21 September 2020


UKCA Mark Guidance - Gas Appliances

The Transition Period for the UK leaving the European Union has ended, meaning that some gas appliance products placed on the UK market (herein covering England, Wales and Scotland only*) from UK Manufacturers or from Manufacturers outside of the UK require a UKCA mark, where previously a CE mark was applicable. (*Note the position in relation to N. Ireland remains under discussion between HM Government and EU and at the time of writing has not been clarified).

The recently issued UK government advice on the transition has confirmed that UK Notified Bodies will immediately transition to Approval Bodies at the end of 2020 capable of issue of UKCA Certificates. A link to respective government advice is given here: 





Subject to your product type this process almost certainly will require immediate changes to your product documentation, surveillance and marking to be in place by the end of 2020 or in some instances throughout 2021. Whether you currently supply into the UK, or are planning to supply into the UK, or to a combination of UK and export markets, Kiwa is here to support your product compliance transition between CE and UKCA marking in line with Brexit changes. We have European sister companies lined up to assist us in providing a comprehensive solution for product manufacturers selling into UK and wider European markets.  Please contact us as soon as possible to detail the geographic destination of your product and we can advise accordingly on what to do next - uk.enquiries@kiwa.com or call 01242 677877.