26 January 2021

Withdrawal of RPS 211 - Kiwa CMT can help

Environment Agency Protocol RPS 211 is being withdrawn. This means that after 31 January 2021 all unassessed waste from utilities excavations must be classified as hazardous, unless tested and proven otherwise.

This will apply to businesses who deal with excavated waste from unplanned utilities installation and repair works, including those who:

  • produce it (i.e. excavate it)
  • transport it
  • keep it
  • process it
  • control it - if you are a dealer or broker
  • use it
  • dispose of it

Visit here for full details.

Hazardous wastes are charged at the standard rate for Landfill Tax (£96.70 per tonne from 1st April 2021). Non hazardous wastes are £3.10 per tonne.

But don't panic. Kiwa CMT can support you in preparing your WM3 assessments for the wastes listed, together with your sampling plans and procedures which directly support your WM3 and waste assessments.

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