8 September 2023

BBC article recorded at Kiwa's Hydrogen Lab

 At Kiwa are working to improve the ‘greenness’ of both our premises and the delivery of our services. Where we are likely to make the most impact on sustainability, however, is helping our clients (and their clients, and so on…) to become more sustainable.
A case in point is the work going on at Kiwa Energy near Cheltenham to assist the acceptance of renewable energies. Kiwa tests, certifies and advises on solar, wind, biomass and hydrogen appliances. While there is unlikely to be a single solution to the decarbonisation of the UK, the role hydrogen could play both for domestic use and for transportation and in industry should not be underestimated.

By testing and certifying hydrogen-fuelled boilers, heat pumps and cookers, Kiwa is supporting manufacturers in bringing these technologies to market. Widespread uptake of these low carbon appliances would make a significant dent on the UK’s carbon emissions.

Mark Crowther, Associate Director of Hydrogen at Kiwa, recently explained the progress in bringing hydrogen to the domestic heating and cooking sector to BBC Radio Gloucestershire