21 November 2023

Key Meeting Amplifies Commitment to EU Drinking Water Directive

In a pivotal step toward ensuring the highest standards of drinking water quality across Europe, Kiwa recently hosted a significant meeting in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. The gathering brought together a consortium of key conformity assessment bodies, uniting esteemed experts from across the continent to deliberate on the framework of the European Union's Drinking Water Directive, and agreed upon a joint mission statement.

The European Commission put forth a recast of the Drinking Water Directive, established in 1998. One aim of this new directive is ensuring the enduring quality of drinking water and safeguarding consumers against emerging risks. This proposal received approval from legislators and Member States had to transpose it into national law and comply with its provisions by 12 January 2023. For products in contact with drinking water, the current situation of national approvals will transition into an EU system. Starting in 2027, products entering the EU market will need to comply.

EU Drinking Water Directive framework

In the interest of the comparability of the conformity assessment procedure and ultimately the equivalence of the product marking, a harmonized understanding must be achieved among all future notified bodies. “As future notified body for the framework of the EU Drinking Water Directive we strongly support this initiative towards a formal group of notified bodies”, said Marco van Brink International Business Manager Water at Kiwa. “It is necessary to ensure the harmonized technical application of conformity assessment procedures. We believe that this can best be achieved through appropriate coordination and cooperation between notified bodies.”

In this way the system will have a level playing field which is important for our customers, the industry, all notified bodies, our colleagues, and the credibility of the assessment of product/materials in contact with drinking water.

Mission statement

Following extensive deliberations during the meeting, a joint mission statement has emerged as a testament to the collective commitment of conformity assessment bodies across Europe. The mission statement reflects a unified vision on the implementation of the directive, emphasizing the preservation of public health and the integrity of water systems. This outcome signifies a milestone in fostering cooperation among industry leaders, underlining their collective mission to address challenges, share expertise, and advance strategies that contribute to the common goal of safeguarding drinking water for all. Leendert van der Marel of Kiwa adds: “As one of the leading international institutes in this field we actively support this initiative and contribute with our knowledge and experience.”

Read the mission statement here.

Do you have any questions about the Drinking Water Directive? Contact us!

We recently launched a special webpage for the Drinking Water Directive keeping the market up to date about the latest developments. Marco said: “For the coming period several webinars are planned around this subject to explain the new working method more in detail. Keep an eye on the page to stay up to date”.

Leendert van der Marel adds: “You can already contact us with questions about the current proposed working method and water related issues for the Drinking Water Directive.” You can contact us via your local contact person or by sending an email to water@kiwa.com