The Gas Diploma

Rather than keeping all your eggs in one basket, this opens up a new and compatible customer base. The skills of a Gas Installer are much respected and definitely in demand.

Kiwa delivers the Gas Diploma, which is designed for people with plumbing knowledge and strong practical skills, for instance being handy with a soldering iron. The course is pitched at people who are used to being around customers – so great customer service will come naturally to you, your interpersonal skills are well developed and you are confident at managing workplace situations.

Becoming a Gas Installer is a highly respected career choice with a bright future.

Why train with us?

We provide a pretty comprehensive range of training courses and assessments for domestic and commercial gas operatives (natural gas, LPG and hydrogen). We are aware that the "classroom" isn't the most natural environment for most of our candidates, so we work hard to keep everybody at their ease to give them the best possible chance to shine. Of course, the law requires that you renew your qualification every five years and we are very pleased to welcome back many of our candidates for the third or fourth time since ACS was introduced.

We’ve been testing gas appliances and training people in those appliances since the 1980’s – we have serious knowledge and experience! We work closely with the Government and trade bodies so we have a good understanding of the industry and what’s coming up.

We’re a friendly bunch and a happy band of highly experienced and knowledgeable trainers, assessors and administrators. 

And best of all there’s always a cup of tea, a bowl of fruit and a biscuit tin available!


What experience do I need?

Entry onto the course is subject to an initial interview in which we will assess your suitability. We're looking for people with related experience - by the nature of their work, plumbers tend to have the most relevant skills.
Once on the course, you can choose a pathway that will lead you to specialise in the field you would like to work in, for example, boilers.

Does gas have a future?

There are suggestions that the Government will phase out gas boilers from 2025. There is no legislation in place to support this. But if this goes ahead as part of the UK’s carbon reduction programme, then natural gas boilers will be replaced by hydrogen boilers. And hydrogen will flow through the gas infrastructure in place of natural gas. The hydrogen appliances connected to the network will operate in much the same way as natural gas appliances. Training will be available to Gas Installers to top up the Gas Diploma so this qualification will be much in demand as we expect hydrogen appliances to be rolled out across the country.